Chameleon Jazz Band


Ungarske The Chameleon Jazzband gjester Norge for første gang. Konseren arrangeres i samarbeid med MBK Ungarsk venneforening i Norge.

The Chameleon Jazz Band, founded by Artisjus award-winner Rezső Bálint, will be showing its more casual side to the audience. The original pop-based arrangements will be flavored with a nice jazz twist. Along with the guitar (Dániel Borbényi), piano (Ádám Márk Birinyi), bass (Bartók Vince) and drum (Attila Telek), the trombone (Rezső Bálint) will play a prominent role. The framework of Popcorn! is made of pulsating, simple rhythms and intermittent melodies, and alongside the instrumental compositions vocals will show up in the repertoire as well. Fans can count on a fun and lively performance!  

 Bálint Rezső | trombone, vocal
 Borbényi Dániel | guitars
 Birinyi Márk Ádám | keys
 Bartók Vince | bass
 Telek Attila | drums



Aldersgrense 20 år